Crushed Can Art

Axalta Paint "Outside the Can" contest 2016

When Axalta announced its call to artists for this years #PaintOutsideTheCan contest, the idea hit me.  I knew what I was going to do.  I was going to crush the can.

Although the idea wasn't complete and I wasn't sure how the final piece would look, my first intention was to make the can stand out from the other contestants.  

So when all other projects were complete and the deadline was nearing I started thinking hard about the piece I would submit this year.  

I came up with the idea of crushing the can after painting it, putting in the effort, would be the thing to do.  I enjoy painting and as of this year have started to think a lot about the longevity of my work.  The impact it should have and the way my paintings could be shown or received.  The idea of a decaying piece of art intrigues me.  Give it life and a decay all it's own using materials that age and other processes that create textures over time.  Giving thought to the years that follow the initial finishing of a piece.  I'm not only designing for now but also making decisions for the future of these pieces.  I want them to look better with age and take on new qualities that only time can bring.  Tattooing has steered me toward these thoughts.  So has parenting.   

Here are a couple photos of the finished can, taken just before express mailing it to Axalta and beating the submission deadline. 

Sema contest submission
Paint Can back
Packaged with directions