Full Circle

pinstripe tattoo stencil
pinstriping tattoo addition


Today is the day I did my first pinstripe-tattoo.  Anybody who knows me might find this perplexing.  I myself do.  The story is, I've been a pinstripe artist since 2003, tattooing since 2008 and this year, 2016 is the first year that I've mixed the two.  What tha hell!? Why? 

To tell the truth, I've been to scared to actually attempt a pinstripe design on skin.  I wasn't ready.  That is until this past couple years.  I had even broke into tattooing, peddling shop to shop, a set of tattoo flash I'd designed completely around pinstriping.  Just like one of those biker shops I had encountered who had tossed me out saying, "there's no way in hell I'm going to tattoo one of those pieces with all those lines".  Rightly so, I've been scared to tattoo them myself!  That's until I'd gained enough time, machine in hand, to get comfortable pulling clean and precise enough lines and acquiring the knowledge to what tools were needed to get the job done right.

Today is awesome!  Thanks RJ, for the push!