Irezumi Black Book

Irezumi Black Book

"My fear is that I won't have mattered."

 I used to hope that my life would be seen as significant.  Now it is my aspiration.  To give and inspire.

Have you ever thought to do something that was so general you couldn't start?  Becoming to difficult to create necessary steps to achieve the idea.  Mostly it feels good and grandiose in its generality and we remain content to dream.  

One of my big ideas has been a book and for some time it's remained a concealed desire.  I haven't bothered to define it.  Until a couple months ago when I happened upon a spark.  There were actually numerous flint strikes that proceeded but I will leave out the labyrinth of details for clarity.  Time is precious and there's a fire burning.

It's the 'lil black book.  A collection of Japanese tattoo iconography created and presented in the Shinto spirit of a votive prayer tablet known as ema.  Remember that word because it has significance I hope to make clear in another post.  This irezumi black book will contain an estimated 50 images, each hand painted and entangled with my own wishes.  It will be presented as an offering to the tattoo gods.  

I'll be posting more on this as the project nears completion.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me and schedule your next tattoo.  It just so happens that I have a bunch of new ideas.