The Human Line

On Friday at 6:00pm, KBAQ, 89.5 FM, played a piece by Ralph Vaughan Williams called The Lark Ascending.   They played it as part of their weeklong, “Love at First Listen” series, an interactive with listeners whom shared stories of the first pieces of classical music that had capture their hearts.   

The following paragraphs are the story I submitted and what K-BACH, I can only assume and wish I had heard, read on air just before playing, The Lark Ascending. By chance, on my drive home from the shop, I tuned in half way through the song(it seems strange to call a piece of classical music, a song), and at the end of it, the announcer thanked “Asher, in Chandler”, and another individual for our stories, of which we were the last of the week long series of contributors.  

Here goes:

The first time I had heard this piece, I was driving home from work.  As it captivated me, I was filled with emotion and brought to tears.  It was beautiful.  At that time, my day to day life was full of stress.  I was having panic attacks and never-ending days of anxiety.  After the song played I waited to hear who it was but for whatever reason, I wasn’t able to find out; the name of the piece or who it was by.  As the years rolled by, I’d slowly recovered from the stress, anxiety and panic attacks, and every once in a while, I would remember the piece of music.  I would wonder, would I ever hear it again?  The more time passed the more I began to wonder, if I’d even recognize the piece, if I were to hear it play again. 

On a warm spring day, when I was taking my daughter to piano lessons, my son had fallen asleep in the car.   So, as per usual, I left the radio on, the windows down and got out my sketchbook.  As he was sleeping and I there drawing, this song began to play.  The violin started in and I immediately knew, it was the song I had been listening for.  The piece that was missing.  Tears filled my eyes and I tried not to get all choked up but, I did anyways.  This time around, with my smartphone in hand, I was able to capture all I needed to know.  This piece by Ralph Vaughan Williams, The Lark Ascending